Our Programs

Nursery Room

The nursery provides a warm, safe and nurturing environment for infants and young toddlers to develop positive feelings in their first group setting. Our teachers respect each child’s individual needs and therefore follow a flexible schedule that caters to each child. The infants enjoy spending lots of time snuggling with their teachers. The room creates a warm stimulating environment where the children feel secure exploring their surroundings. Daily reports are written sharing all the information relevant to your child’s day.

Rainbow Room 

Teachers provide support for parents by helping the children cope with separation and transitions. The room is a cozy, safe place where children are cuddled and encouraged to explore their surroundings. Teachers help the children to become more independent, share, and express themselves as they explore colors, shapes, seasons, family, animals, and many other themes.

Turtle Room

The Turtle Room teachers provide a warm and caring environment as the children explore the classroom and grow in all areas of development. Structured and small group activities are balanced with periods of free choice. Independence and self-help skills are encouraged, as are cooperation and learning to follow directions. The curriculum includes investigating nature and visiting places in the local community, as well as exposure to various art mediums and sensory play. The teachers work together with parents as they navigate through their child’s developmental milestones.

Discovery Room 

Teachers encourage the children’s curiosity, enthusiasm, interests, and abilities as the children learn about the world around them. Circle time expands from singing songs and sharing books to include discussing ideas and feelings. The children begin to develop friendships and make choices about the activities that interest them.

Research Room 

Children initiate many of the themes and share their interests and skills with each other. Teachers foster an understanding of a wide variety of topics through books, dramatic play, discussion, art, science and nature activities, and field trips. The children develop strong friendships and enjoy group activities as well as individual projects.

Music and Movement

A music teacher visits the center twice per mpnth. We also offer a variety of optional enrichment programs each year that may include sports programs, gymnastics, yoga, and/or language programs.  Families who would like to enroll their child in an optional program must submit a registration form and payment to the office prior to the start of each program session.  Optional programs usually run in 8-10 week sessions and fees range from approximately $100 to $140 per session.

Field Trips and Summer

At various times throughout the year, we may plan field trips to a variety of places such as farms, museums, parks, etc.  During the summer months teachers provide a “day camp” atmosphere by maximizing the amount of time and activities outside, including water play.

Winter Enrichment Program

Throughout the months of January, February, and March we welcome weekly visitors to Riverside as a part of winter enrichment. Visitors vary from year to year and may include storytellers, theatre groups, animals, reptiles, nature programs, musicians, magicians, etc.  We also offer Yoga during this time.


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