Riverside Children’s Center School Year 2016/2017 Calendar of events, closures, etc.



June Events:                                                                August Events:

2nd center circle                                                                1st camp muffin breakfast

5th music with Peter                                                         2nd camp trip to Beaconsfield

6th Turtle Room field trip                                                4th camp carnival day

7th RCC annual picnic                                                      8th camp Puddlestompers  11/11:30

12th music with Peter                                                                rainbow Puddlestompers 10:15

19th last music with Peter for the year                                  turtle Puddlestompers 10:30

22nd Research Room Celebration                                 9th camp water fun day

July Events:                                                                10th Transition visits (all rooms)

4th RCC closed                                                                  11th camp picnic @ Angier

5th camp wears red, white and blue                           15th camp camping day

6th camp bagel breakfast                                              16th Transition visits (all rooms)

7th camp picnic @ Moffat                                                        camp pasta lunch

11th camp field trip to Wards Berry Farm                 17th camp World War I Memorial Park

12th camp crazy sock day                                              18th camp science day

13th camp picnic at Aqueduct                                      22nd Transition visits (all rooms)

14th camp nature scavenger hunt                               23rd camp All Hands Drumming 3:30/4

18th camp English Muffin pizza lunch                                 rainbow All Hands Drumming 4:30

19th camp picnic @ Richardson                                            turtle All Hands Drumming 4

20th camp crazy hat day                                                 24th camp picnic @ Richardson

21st camp beach day                                                        25th PIZZA LUNCH ALL ROOMS!

25th camp picnic @ Moffat                                            8/28-9/4 RCC Closed

26th camp crazy hair day

27th camp sports gear day

28th camp Mad Science

turtle Mad Science