Who Are We?


Mission Statement and Program Goals

We believe that childcare should promote the emotional, social, physical and cognitive growth of each child. Each child should be viewed as unique and encouraged to reach their full potential through developmentally appropriate experiences. We are committed to enhancing each child’s understanding of their world so they can approach new concepts, materials and situations with confidence and enthusiasm.

We take great pride in our educators and realize that they are the heart and soul of our program. High quality care and education are never compromised at Riverside. Educators give their very best each and every day and it shows! We select educators who are warm and have a teaching style and philosophy that reflects the approach we use at Riverside. Our educators are college-educated childcare professionals with diverse backgrounds and talents.

We are proud of our educators’ longevity. Each classroom has at least one educator who has been at Riverside between 17 and 26 plus years. Educators participate in on-going professional development to learn new techniques and to build on their knowledge of early childhood education. They work closely with parents to foster the growth and development of each child. In addition to the classroom educators, two full-time floating educators provide additional coverage as well as continuity of care when educators are sick or on vacation.